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A project manager is facilitating a discussion to further define user stories for the upcoming iteration. Two team members engaged, Bob and Jenny, are very vocal during the start of the meeting, with Jenny passionately noting that the second user story should be punted to the next iteration. She moves on to the next user story, ignoring Bob’s reversed views on the topic. Bob agrees the decision hesitantly and maintains quiet for the remainder of the meeting, accepting other decisions made by Jenny and the rest of the team. At the end of the meeting, the project manager notes to Bob that she will prioritize user story #2 at the top of the backlog, to be pulled into the iteration should capacity allow. Which of the following conflict-resolution techniques did Jenny practice in this scenario?

A Directing

Jenny used the directing conflict resolution C. Jenny used the directing conflict resolution technique, also known as forcing. Directing is where one pushes their own viewpoint at the expense of others. In this scenario, Jenny did not fully acknowledge or recognize Bob’s concerns and opinions about user story #2. This is considered to be a win-lose situation.