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A project manager who complies a servant leader approach to managing the team is in the process of onboarding a new team member to the project. This new team member will assist fill skill-level gaps that were found to exist within the current team. She offers the new team member with a copy of the project charter and commits to sending a copy of another document that dealing with team values, ground rules, and working agreements among the team. What record will the project manager send the team member that addresses these issues?

A The team charter

The team charter provides the full team with an understanding of how they will work together. It aligns the team on team values, working agreements, ground rules, meeting guidelines, and other group norms.


Jennifer Muketiwa

1 year ago

Very useful for revision Sen

Hans Wurst

1 year ago

Translation Labels are not replaced. App is full of stuff like 'home.setup_study_plan' as captions of buttons and labels. The quality of the test questions seems good though.


1 year ago

Goal-oriented model for achieving gradual progress.

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