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An RV rental company is debuting a consignment program for private owners who are looking to rent out their vehicles. The project manager of the project has just started carrying out risk management activities. Since the project manager is undergone in managing risk, she immediately moved into the Identify Risks process. Based on the given information, which of the following is most likely to happen?  

A The project manager is unlikely to carry out risk management activities effectively, regardless of her level of experience. 

The risk manager has omitted the initial process of risk management, which involves creating the risk management plan. The risk management plan is an essential part of carrying out the other risk management processes since it outlines how risks will be identified, analyzed, monitored, and so forth. Therefore, the project manager in this scenario has a low likelihood of developing a risk register that will be useful in carrying out risk management. For exam purposes, the risk management plan is a requirement.

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