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Nicolas works as the project manager of a project that has been known as revolutionizing the mobile fitness tracking industry. He prepares for a discussion with the project’s sponsor regarding the performance of their largest vendor. What information will Nicolas need to reference to supply this information?

A Procurement documentation

The procurement documentation contains a variety of useful information relating to the agreement signed with a vendor, including the statement of work, payment information, performance information, and any other correspondence with the vendor. While the project management plan and agreement are two other key inputs, they alone do not provide occurs as part of performing the Control Procurements process, and procurement documentation is a key input of the process.

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miguel nina

2 years ago

Great way to practice on the phone

jaya kumar

2 years ago

Very much helpful - explanations are simply super - I have passed the PMP- all above target. I have refered only this app.

Cesar Pichardo

2 years ago


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