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Select the best definition of MVP?

A A product that contain a subset of features released to early customers as a way of obtaining feedback for future product development

The minimum viable product (MVP) is used to increase the speed of delivery and obtain feedback of a product early. The product contains just enough features or deliverables to obtain feedback; this feedback can then be used for future incremental development of the product.

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Юрий Фамилия

2 years ago

отличное приложение, помогает готовиться, спасибо разработчикам!!!

Marc Lum Lock

2 years ago

Thus far it has been very helpful. The various situations really get you to think as a PM and consider the tricky ones as well. I do have a concern, though. Seeing that the edition for the exam has recently changed to the 7th edition, would the app also be updated to fit thosd new domains etc? I'd like to ensure I'm following the appropriate material

Christian-Marc G AKA_Sounouvi

2 years ago

Aide pour apprendre et se préparer à l'examen... Let's hope nothing will make me change my statement Merci

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