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Which of the following statements is correct? (Select two.)

A The goal of project management is to produce business value in the best way possible.

According to the Agile Practice Guide, the goal of project management is to produce business value. The method that a team uses to deliver value should be based on which would yield the most successful outcome. This is often driven by the nature of the project and the circumstances surrounding the project.

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J Moyers

1 year ago

This started off well...let's see how it progresses and assist me with passing my PMP Cert.

Muheise Dennys

1 year ago

best of the best


1 year ago

I passed my exam with 'Above target' and this app definitely helped a lot! However, some of questions were not gramatically correct and some C and D answers were bundled into one. Maybe it'd be good to make some quality checks :)

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