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You are handling a project using the Crystal methodology. As is customary within your organization, you leverage a communications platform that allows the team to chat, upload and download files, and host meetings virtually. Using this platform, you upload a document and email an electronic link to the team to ask that they review it within two business days. You know that some members of the team are not proactive about downloading key project documents, so you set up time with them to oversee the information. Which of the following statements is correct regarding this scenario?

A You are using a combination of methods to communicate with the team.

In this scenario, you are using a combination of push and interactive communication methods to address team members. Push is one-way communication and refers to sending information to intended receivers (such as email, in this case); interactive communication involves multidirectional communication where two or more parties exchange thoughts or ideas (such as during meetings).

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Luis Hernandez

2 years ago

So far so good

Abdou Sb

2 years ago

I liked it, very helpful and easy to use

Ahmed Saad

2 years ago

It's really very useful but ihope you mange to add explanation from pmbook guide

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