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You work as a project manager for Community Trends, a nonprofit organization. Your project has come about because of a social need. You’re calculating performance measurements, and you know the following information: BAC = 900, ETC = 65, PV = 500, EV = 475, and AC = 425. Which of the following statements is correct?

A This project is behind schedule, but costs are lower than planned.

The SV for this project is –25, which means the project is behind schedule. The CV for this project is 50, which means the costs are lower than what you had planned for this point in time.

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Luis Hernandez

2 years ago

So far so good

Abdou Sb

2 years ago

I liked it, very helpful and easy to use

Ahmed Saad

2 years ago

It's really very useful but ihope you mange to add explanation from pmbook guide

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