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Your project team is struggling to finish the latest set of features, which inquired advanced knowledge of facial recognition technology. In talking with a peer, they encourage you to contemplate expanding the team to include virtual team members. What advantages can this offer, which can alleviate some of the challenges you are dealing with?

A The pool of skilled resources widens.

All of the options listed are benefits of using virtual teams. In this scenario, the team is lacking in the technical knowledge required to complete the set of features. Broadening the resource pool to include virtual team members increases the likelihood that the right skill set will be acquired.

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Octavio Mena

2 years ago

it's nice tool, through using it, I even feel motivated to study daily to learn more. So far, great!

The Enfielder

2 years ago

Good for starters

Paul Muzungu

2 years ago

Good free app for exam preparation

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