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A project manager is putting together the project charter and is interested in referencing marketplace conditions to understand the conditions surrounding the project. What is a valid input that the project manager can reference to obtain this information?

A Enterprise environmental factors

Enterprise environmental factors are the factors both internal and external to the organization that can influence the project. Marketplace conditions is one example, as are organizational culture, structure, and governance. Enterprise environmental factors is a frequent input of the project management processes.

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Shaina B real

2 years ago

I tried this app for 4 months and it wasn’t until recently I realized the questions on here are nothing like that real questions on the PMP exam. To make matters worse, the ads on here are extremely annoying. They really should consider that people are trying to study, not sign up for an online game. The questions are clearly not written by English speakers and don’t even make sense. Do NOT waste your time.

pavan kumar Velaga

2 years ago

Good for learning

Antonio Godinez

2 years ago

Very helpful. Easy to use as quick study source anywhere while waiting for something.

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